I decided to take the spicy noodle challenge as my sister said that the ramen does not taste so spicy like everyone said. She bought me those ramen last week but I finally had the chance to try it today because I don't have anything else to eat. Unfortunately my dad came home and bought me Nasi Beriani so I decided to eat those ramen in the afternoon. Now let us see the process how to make Spicy Ramen.

Now the ramen seems too big and thick for me. I am shocked by the look of the ramen. Never thought that it is so big. At this moment I feel a little bit scared by looking at the spice :( 

Here you can see how freaking red that spice is ! OMG how do people eat that? 

I really don't know what is this thing.

So this is how it looks when I finished boiling it. 

You can see how red and spicy this thing is. I really regret it when I put all the spices in the ramen.

Seriously guys I hate to tell you this but it is really spicy! I cried when I ate this ramen. On top of that I also can't finished it. What a waste.

So do you guys did any spicy ramen challege? Comment below to let me know. 

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